Sherlock Holmes 3: The Director Doesn't Know When The Movie Will Be Released

Despite being announced for 2021, Dexter Fletcher says that for now he does not know what will happen to Sherlock Holmes 3.

In 2009 Silver Pictures Y Warner Bros They started a new saga of films based on the famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Robert Downey Jr. Y Jude Law brought back to the big screen the iconic duo formed by Holmes and Watson in this movie and in a sequel released in 2011. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows received good reviews and a favorable response from the audience. So the study gave the green light to a third installment that would answer the unknowns raised in the second part and that would present other adventures of the detective. This movie would come to late 2021 but now the director says that he does not know if this will be possible.

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Initially, after all the pre-production hype, the studio announced that the film would arrive this Christmas. Sherlock Holmes 3 would premiere on December 25, 2020. But in March 2019 they delayed the movie a year. Now the director is not very sure that this date will be met. In an interview with the Celebrity Catch Up podcast, Dexter fletcher revealed that the production of Sherlock Holmes 3 is on hiatus and that it is unknown when they will start again. "The film is at the bottom of the oven for now, until it is clear how the world is."

For its part, Warner Bros He has not said anything about this film but announced earlier this month that they would be delaying much of its titles. If the production of Sherlock Holmes continues on hiatus, they will most likely have to delay the premiere one more time. But fans of Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes don't have to despair. Recently, the actor confessed that he had big plans for the future of the franchise and that he wanted to develop a Cinematographic Universe of the detective that would include movies and television series. "So, for me, why make a third film if you are not going to be able to expand everything with diversity and other times and elements?"

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A chaotic production

Unlike other productions endangered by the ravages of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) In the film industry, Sherlock Holmes 3's problems are longstanding. Although they knew what story they wanted to tell, Warner Bros was not satisfied with any of the scripts that were featured. The study came to bring together various scriptwriters so they will work together on the film. Finally, Chris Brancato (Narcos) presented the final sketch of the script. Later, the director of the first two installments, Guy ritchie he was replaced by Dexter Fletcher. The director is known for his work on Rocketman Y Bohemian Rhapsody.

The plot of Sherlock Holmes 3 is a mystery. The only cast members that have been confirmed are Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law although it is rumored that Rachel McAdams she would play Irene Adler again. It is also known that the protagonists will travel to San Francisco and the relationship between Holmes and Watson will be further explored. Movie fans have been waiting for the sequel for almost ten years and it seems they will have to wait a little longer. For now Sherlock Holmes 3 will hit theaters on December 22, 2021. | Cinema, comics and series