Shin chan in Australia. After the green emeralds it hits theaters

The greatest adventure of all is here, so hold on to the seats because Shin chan is arriving in Australia. After the green emeralds.

The animated film Shin chan in Australia. Following the green emeralds It will show us the funniest family in Japan that this time will leave their country. But… Will the Australians he is about to come prepared for?

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Official synopsis of the movie Shin chan in Australia. After the emeralds:

It all starts when Misae, Shin chan's mother finds a great offer to spend her honeymoon in Australia. Since when she married Hiroshi they could not go on a honeymoon, now they believe that it is the right time, especially since it is allowed to travel with children. The only condition is that you have to take some photos for a magazine, coinciding with a solar eclipse.

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The family decides to embark on this magnificent adventure on an exotic Australian island, as everything seems perfect. But, as soon as they arrive, instead of experiencing a romantic situation, Shin chan's parents end up fighting. When they are about to make peace, a tribe of masked men kidnap Hiroshi, because they are convinced that he is the "bridegroom" that must be offered as an offering for a legendary princess during the lunar eclipse in exchange for a great treasure. Meanwhile, the rest of his family go out looking for him and meet Indiana Junko (funny version of Indiana Jones), which also seeks to offer the "boyfriend" to get the treasure for her. But they will not be the only ones who want all that riches, as there are many treasure hunters who will not hesitate to use Hiroshi for their own ends.

But Misae's determination pushes her through the jungle to find her husband. It will undoubtedly be the greatest adventure Shin chan has ever experienced.

Reason for the success of this animated series.

Created by Yoshito usui, this story stars Shin chan, a very funny, cheerful and mischievous boy who is always puzzling adults. Especially to his parents Hiroshi and Misae Nohara, with whom he lives with his little sister Himawari and their dog Nevado.

He anime It is one of the oldest in history, since it has more than 800 chapters since it began to be produced in Japan in 1992. They have also made 27 animated films, some of them have been released in theaters with great success.

Here we leave you the trailer of Shin chan in Australia. After the green emeralds: | Cinema, comics and series