Sitges 2020 continues to bet on the new directors of the fantastic

The International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia - Sitges 2020, continues its commitment to new filmmakers with their own voice within the genre

The present and the future of the genre will be at Sitges 2020. Titles such as Relic, Mosquito State or Le dernier voyage by Paul W.R. among many others, they represent the debut in the feature film of their authors and can be discovered from October 8 to 18. The Festival has always played an essential role in revealing new talents in the field of fantasy genre cinema and there are numerous examples throughout its history.

Quentin Tarantino presented his debut, Reservoir Dogs, in Sitges in 1992, when he was unknown to the public. In the Spanish terrain, El orfanato, the debut of a young J.A. Bayona, was chosen to inaugurate the 2007 edition with great success. More recently, Robert Eggers began his brilliant career in Sitges 2015 with The Witch. As for the honors, the first operas are also a constant in the contest, and the triumph in the last edition of El hoyo, Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia's debut that later became a true worldwide success, is good proof.

At Sitges 2020, the programming grid will be especially focused on these first promising works that, in many cases, are the starting signal for a successful career. This is the case of the aforementioned Le dernier voyage de Paul W.R., by Romain Quirot, which will also be a world premiere at the Festival. The disappearance of the only astronaut capable of saving planet Earth is the starting point of this science fiction film that has veteran Jean Reno in its ranks. In the case of Relic, by Australo-Japanese director Natalie Erika James, the family horror starring Emily Mortimer inundates a film that was presented at the Sundance Film Festival and garnered rave reviews. For its part, the Polish Mosquito State, Filipo Jan Rymsza's first film, moves between drama and terror with a Cronenberg tinge.

Violence and frenetic action are the keys to The Owners, the debut of British Julius Berg that delves into the subgenre home invasion with a raw story starring Maisie Williams, the unforgettable Arya Stark. The illustrator and comic artist Gavin Rothery - creator of Duncan Jones' Moon design, among others, makes the leap as director with Archive, a proposal around artificial intelligence with surprising special effects. The Dubliner Neasa Hardiman, who had stood out on television directing episodes of series such as Jessica Jones, The Inhumans or Happy Valley, makes her debut with Sea Fever, a cross between Alien and The Thing set on the high seas. Fried Barry, Ryan Kruger's first feature film, promises an avalanche of drugs, sex and violence by an alien who comes into contact with the strange world of humanity. Also with alien invasions, Save Yourselves! It is the proposal of Alex Fischer and Eleanor Wilson, experienced in directing short films.

The selection of debut operas at Sitges 2020 is extensive and varied, and will also include titles such as the British Amulet, by Romola Garai; the Russian terror of Superdeep, by Arseny Syuhin; the vampire My Heart Can’t Beat Until You Tell It To, by Jonathan Cuartas, or the peculiar The Stylist, by Jill Gevargizian, who brings her own experience as a hairdresser to the big screen, based on her multi-award-winning homonymous short. | Cinema, comics and series