Snyder Cut: Cyborg will have a nightmare vision in the movie

Probably some fans had noticed this possibility in Justice League. Now Zack Snyder seems to confirm the theory that Cyborg will have a vision of the future in the Snyder Cut.

Although the date is not yet known, in 2021 it will reach HBO Max the expected version of League of Justice of Zack Snyder. Fans are full of expectations and doubts about what may happen in the film, also known as Snyder Cut. Recently, the director confirmed that Cyborg, a character played by Ray Fisher, You will have a nightmarish vision related to Superman's return.

Zack Snyder He shared with his followers that we will see much more of the character played by Ray Fisher at Snyder Cut, something that already has fans guessing what the director's proposals might be whose indications were apparently already in the 2017 film. On the Vero platform, a social network where the director interacts enormously with all those who always believed in his project, one user mentioned a particular scene involving Victor Stone and the Man of Steel.

Will we see it in the movie?

The scene in question is the exact moment that our vibrant team of superheroes find themselves resurrecting Superman. The user asked the director if there is a possibility that Cyborg at the time had a nightmarish vision of the Man of Steel being controlled by Darkseid in the future. The director only replied with a simple wink emoji, but that gives us great hope that this really will be featured in the Snyder Cut.

One of the biggest fans' triumphs was announced in May: The Snyder Cut it would finally come true and we would see it in HBO Max. The campaign, which for almost three years was unstoppable on social networks, was promoted by all the followers who were disappointed after the final result of the Justice League led by Joss Whedon. And it seems that the fans were not the only ones, since Ray Fisher recently criticized Whedon on his social network. | Movies, comics and series

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