Snyder Cut: Henry Cavill would have signed a new contract to be Superman

Upon confirmation that the Snyder Cut will finally see the light, a rumor involving Henry Cavill began to haunt. Apparently, the actor would have signed a new contract to be Superman again.

When it was revealed in September 2018 that Henry Cavill he had not renewed his contract with Warner Bros to continue playing Superman, many fans did not like this news. Now after the announcement that the Snyder Cut will see the light, a new rumor ensures that the actor has already signed a new contract with the studio to participate in the cut and also in new projects where he will give life to the Man of Steel.

Despite the criticism received by the first two installments of the DC Extended Universe, many were happy with Henry Cavill In the role of Supermanbut we couldn't say the same about League of Justice. Recently, after the new news linked to this movie, a site revealed information about the actor and the character in question.

Did you sign a new contract?

TheCulturedNerd site reported that the DCOlympus Instagram account released the rumor that Henry Cavill He had been silent on his return to the role of Superman because he was in talks, but now he has closed a new deal.

"This is why Cavill remained silent until today ... he was under contract talks. Now you have a new deal closed, this is not just for Snyder Cut. There's more to come! ”Wrote the account.

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Here is the reason why Cavill was silent until today… he was under contract talks… now he has a new gross deal closed… this is not only for Snyder Cut… there is more coming… 😉 ~ (Superman) ~ #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #ReleaseTheSnyderCut # SnyderCut #TheSnyderCut #ManOfSteel #DawnofJustice #BatmanvSuperman #JusticeLeague #ZackSnyder #BatmanvSupermanDawnofJustice #BVS #TheJusticeLeague #DJCUI #UniverseSuper #JLA #DCExUnivers #JLA

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Before the Man of Steel watch party took place, Henry Cavill he had said on more than one occasion that he was not interested in the Snyder Cut. But when the director finally announced that his court League of Justice would reach HBO Max, we saw happiness on his face. Perhaps that smile was a brief preview of his return to the role of Superman. What the actor did make very clear is that he wants fans of both versions to keep the peace. | Movies, comics and series