Snyder Cut: J.K. Simmons spoke of his role as Commissioner Gordon

J.K. Simmons also said that Zack Snyder had to get authorization from the entire cast to release his version of the film. In this way, here we tell you some details about the Snyder Cut.

J.K. Simmons debuted as the Fat Commissionern during the film version of League of Justice in 2017 and although due to changes in projects like the Batman movie with Ben Affleck The actor has not been able to play the famous Gotham police again, many hope that the release of the Snyder Cut, scheduled for next year, will show a little more of the actor's work in that role.

In this context, although there is still not much certainty as to how much Gordon's role in the Snyder Cut compared to the Justice League version that hit theaters, J.K. Simmons He took advantage of a new interview to tell what he knows about the new edition commanded by Zack Snyder.

Will we see it in the new version?

In conversation with Jake Hamilton, the actor noted that Zack Snyder She had to speak to him and the rest of the cast to go ahead with the release of her Snyder Cut and assured that she filmed a couple of scenes like the Commissioner that were not featured in the original cut and could now come to light.

"I did speak to Zack, yes," said Simmons. "I had to get everyone's permission to do that, you know? And by all I mean the cast. Yes, we talked a few times and I don't know if there will be much more from Commissioner Gordon. There's a little more to what we filmed that wasn't in the first cut there, so I don't know. I'm eagerly waiting as all the fans are. "

The Snyder Cut will be released in 2021 on HBO Max. | Movies, comics and series