Snyder Cut: The director explained his plans to introduce Supergirl

Although it was not long after the announcement of the Snyder Cut, Zack Snyder already told how his plans are to introduce Supergirl in this new version of Justice League.

A few days ago it was officially revealed that the original version of League of Justice, also known as Snyder Cut, will reach HBO Max, but fans continue to celebrate everything the director revealed Zack Snyder during the watch party of The Man of Steel, and one of the most striking topics was the introduction of Supergirl in the DC movie universe.

Like all the followers of the DC Extended Universe you will remember, Zack Snyder He had big plans for the franchise and had hopes that in the future the story would expand with many DC Comics secondary characters, but it all fell apart with the family tragedy that the director lived through, which caused him to move away from the film and was replaced by Joss Whedon.

Will he have Supergirl?

Now that the Snyder Cut is about to become a reality, it is worth asking if the franchise will return to its original path or if it will leave things as they are, although the second option is most likely, but it does not hurt to know what the introduction of Supergirl in the vision of Zack Snyder.

“As we progressed it was always my intention to expand the universe and continue to bring in more and more family members if they wanted to. It certainly falls into that category. It is also true that the idea of ​​a solo Supergirl movie is a very cool idea. I don't have a script or something specific in mind, but it would be something incredible to watch, ”revealed the director of the Snyder Cut.

On plans for a solo tape of Supergirl We have had several rumors, first it was said that the superhero would be introduced to replace SupermanBut the latest rumor says that Warner Bros. paused the project to decide what to do with the Man of Steel. | Movies, comics and series