So were the plans to unite The New Mutants with the X-Men

The New Mutants would have featured Darkchilde and these characters would have crossed paths with the major X-Men movies.

While we've known for some time that a possible third New Mutants movie would have adapted Marvel's Inferno storyline, the director Josh boone recently commented that he was 100% planning to present Darkchylde.

These are the plans Josh Boone had for the New Mutants trilogy he wanted to make:

Following the story of Demon Bear in the first movie, a possible sequel was going to be an alien invasion that would have added Warlock and Karma to the team, while the third and final installment would have been the most ambitious, adapting the popular The Story of " Inferno ”and would possibly intersect with the main continuity of the X-Men.

Here's how Josh Boone explains it:

“When we originally sold it, we conceptually sold it as a trilogy. The second being an alien invasion movie set in Brazil, where Roberto is from and where his father is, who is part of the Hellfire Club. Then the latest installment of The New Mutants was hopefully going to fit in with the X-Men movies. Since we were going to do Inferno, that crossover, which had all these elements of satanic and supernatural terror. "

“The idea was to try to make a different genre, sub-genre, of a horror film with each of these films. That was the idea, but it wasn't something we thought much about because of the merger and everything else. "

What is Inferno about?

The “Inferno” storyline was a massive crossover in the late '80s that saw a number of key developments, including the final transformation of Illyana Rasputin (Anya Taylor-Joy) into Darkchilde, and it appears that Boone's third film would have featured that. demonic version of the character from The New Mutants. In this story, the demons convince Illyana to open a portal to Limbo and New York City is attacked and besieged. Only the union of the X-Men and the Avengers can stop the supernatural advance.

The mere mention of Darkchilde makes Boone perk up and he enthusiastically revealed that prior to filming, he had discussions with Anya Taylor-Joy on his character's direction and what would ultimately happen in the trilogy's potential finale:

“We told her that in the third New Mutants movie, there would be two of her. That's basically what we told her, that there would be two versions of her and that she would have to play two sides of herself. We were excited ”. | Cinema, comics and series