Songbird: The trailer for the new Michael Bay movie is out

Songbird: Salió el trailer de la nueva película de Michael Bay

Songbird, the new movie brought to us by Michael Bay, focuses on a mutation of COVID-19. Here we show you the trailer!

What if COVID-19 mutates into a much more dangerous version of the virus? This is what Songbird, the new film produced by Michael Bay, is wondering. In this story, we are faced with a SARS-Cov-2 mutation that causes a dystopia in which breaking quarantine and other health measures has never been more dangerous. Everything gets complicated for a young man when his girlfriend is trapped in a building in which a case has been reported.

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After so much waiting and complications, Songbird finally released its first trailer. The film was directed by Adam Mason and produced by the controversial Michael Bay. The film tells the story of Nico (K.J. Apa), a bicycle deliveryman who, due to the pandemic, has been separated from his girlfriend Sara (Sofia Carson). Soon, the virus that causes COVID-19 mutates into a more dangerous strain and martial law takes effect. When her building becomes a source of contagion, the protagonist must rescue her from the government, which plans to take the sick to camps.

A scary movie

The Songbird trailer presents us with a world that is forced into confinement (practically, a situation that several countries are currently experiencing). In this fiction, people who break confinement can be killed at the hands of the police, because here the disease has claimed more than eight million lives (eight times of the deaths caused by the virus in real life). Apparently, the protagonist is immune and will have to face Demi Moore, who plays the antagonist.

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Songbird was one of the first projects to start production during the pandemic, and to implement and test security protocols for filming. On the other hand, it should be noted that the film is produced by the filmmakers of 12 Hours to Survive and A Silent Place. | Cinema, comics and series