Soon we will have a new Superman in the DC Comics movies

Pronto tendremos un nuevo Superman en las películas de DC Comics

Although Henry Cavill continues to play Superman, another actor could soon give life to another Man of Steel in the cinema.

There is a lot of contradictory information around the participation of Henry cavill as Superman in the movies of DC Comics. Since recently it seemed that the negotiations were broken and that the actor was very comfortable doing The witcher and that he would also sign a long-term contract with Netflix. But things are changing. To begin we will see it again in League of Justice from HBO Max and it is not necessary to rule out that some new scene will roll. He could also continue playing Superman if the project suits him.

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The new information indicates that Warner Bros. has definite plans to present a new Superman sometime. That does not mean Hanry cavill Leave the character, as with the introduction of the multiverse, there can be multiple versions of the same character at once. Something similar to what they are doing with Batman.

They will copy the Dark Knight formula.

The movie of The Flash will gather Ben affleck Y Michael Keaton repeating his Batman roles, but there will also be an independent trilogy played by Robert Pattinson which is currently in full shooting. So Superman I could do the same, with Henry cavill having cameos in the movies DCEU and another Superman who can even hang out with the movie The batman directed by Matt reeves. Something they also want to experience in Marvel but with Spider-man 3, where we can get to see in the same movie Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield.

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So we can see a lot of characters with different actors, something that is explained correctly is sure to be a whole cinematic experience. Although the actor who gives life to the new Superman will have a problem, as it will be compared to Henry cavill which is a real mass of muscles. | Cinema, comics and series