Space Jam 2 will feature some Harry Potter cameos

Space Jam 2 contará con algunos cameos de Harry Potter

The Space Jam 2 movie wants to fill the screen with well-known characters that can attract the maximum number of viewers in theaters.

It is expected that Space jam 2 be a huge hit when it hits theaters next summer nearly a quarter of a century after the first installment. The original is far from being a great movie, but it nevertheless has a special place in the hearts of a certain generation, people who happen to be now at an age where they can take their own children to see the next. So it's something that they sure want to use.

With a budget of about 180 million dollars, Space jam 2 it must reach 400 million if it wants to be profitable. So Warner Bros. They are planning to add as much as possible when it comes to uploading this family movie with cameos from their extensive franchise catalog.

The movie will have a lot of surprises.

According to the information, which comes from the same sources that guessed that The Mask and Pennywise would appear in the sequel before it was confirmed in the leaked images, the studio wants to include several characters from the franchise of Harry Potter to attract a more informal audience.

Voldemort has already been glimpsed in more leaked images, and we're told another cameo will be Hagrid. It should also be noted that these sources say that there are likely to be a few more Harry Potter characters in Space Jam 2 as well, although it may not be the original actors who bring them to life, which may upset fans.

Regardless, the Harry Potter series was packed with so many supporting characters that there is plenty to choose from to add to Space Jam 2, and aside from Hagrid and Voldemort. So there is a lot of excitement to discover who else we will see. | Cinema, comics and series