Spectacular Fan Art of Darth Vader facing Batman by Robert Pattinson

Darth Vader and Batman are the most beloved characters in Star Wars and DC Comics. But … what would happen if they faced each other?

It's been a couple of weeks since the event DC FanDome It showed many new features, especially what we will be able to see in cinema in the coming years. The most spectacular was the movie trailer The batman starring Robert Pattinson. Since we have verified that you will have to face classic villains such as the Riddler, the Penguin or the mobster Carmine Falcone. Although they would certainly not be as difficult opponents to defeat as if he faced Darth Vader.

It may be an impossible challenge to happen in theaters or in comics, but it's still fun to suggest the debate of who would win. Batman He is a formidable, intelligent, tenacious and intensely trained fighter. While Darth vader he is powerful in the Force and masters the techniques of the Sith. While the Dark Knight has no powers, he has proven to be very skilled at defeating the most shocking characters in DC Comics and even Superman has given him a hard time. But… Could you stop an expert in handling the lightsaber?

Here we leave you the spectacular Fan Art of Darth Vader facing Batman by Robert Pattinson.

Spectacular Fan Art of Darth Vader facing Batman by Robert Pattinson

Soon we will see the two characters in real action again.

The movie is currently being shot The batman, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, Zöe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, Peter Sarsgaard, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Charlie Carver, Max Carver and Con O'Neill. If all goes as planned and the Coronavirus allows it, it will premiere in October 2021. While it is speculated that Darth Vader will appear in the series of Kenobi, something that surely fans of Star wars.

Who do you think would win in a battle between Darth Vader and Batman? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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