Spectacular Fan Art of Joel Kinnaman as Kraven the Hunter

It is being rumored that we could get to see Kraven the hunter in any of the Marvel movies and if Joel Kinnaman plays him, he would look like this.

The new fan art of Jackson Caspersz reveals how it might look Joel kinnaman how Kraven the hunter in Spider-man 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The next installment will feature the return of Tom holland how Peter Parker / Spider-Man and will be released next year. Unfortunately, the movie is one of many affected by the coronavirus, and filming is now expected to end in February 2021, according to Holland. Which would allow it to be released on December 17, 2021, since Marvel and Sony apparently they are confident that the deadline can be met.

Spider-man 3 is shaping up to be another exciting installment of UCM And although some details have been revealed, the central villain remains a mystery. However, many expect it to be Kraven the hunter, one of the most popular enemies of Spider-man in the comics. Last year, the director Jon watts shared his desire to turn this Marvel character into the movie's villain. So they'll need a great actor like Joel kinnaman so that it gives life.

Spectacular Fan Art of Joel Kinnaman as Kraven the Hunter

What do you think Joel kinnaman like Kraven the hunter? Leave us your comments below.

I'd make the leap from DC Comics to Marvel.

There are so many movies of Marvel like DC Comics that it will become normal for actors and directors to move from one franchise to another. Joel kinnaman has played Rick Flag in Suicide Squad of 2016 and will repeat in the 2021 version of James Gunn. So he is becoming a specialist in action movies and comic characters.

But also, the actor Joel kinnaman he has also worked a lot on television. In series like Altered Carbon, Hanna and For all mankind. Without forgetting the program that gave him fame entitled The Killing, where he played a policeman who had to solve a very complex crime.

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