Spectacular Fan Art of Matthew McConaughey as the Green Goblin

An internet artist and Spider-Man fan has imagined what Matthew McConaughey would be like if he played the Green Goblin in Marvel movies.

In a few months, probably shortly after the main shoot of the film Uncharted Sony, will officially begin filming Spider-man 3 of Marvel studios. This new story will feature Peter Parker (Tom Holland) on the run after the aftermath of Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). As not much is known about what they are planning, there are rumors about some villains that we could see tormenting Spider-Man. Among the candidates are Kraven the Hunter, the return of The Vulture or Mysterio and the reboot of Norman Osborn. If they hire Matthew McConaughey for the role of the Green Goblin, we now know what he would look like.

Outstanding Concept Artist Jackson Caspersz has gone one step further and painted a portrait of what the Green Goblin would look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For this he has used actor Matthew McConaughey (The Wolf of Wall Street, Interstellar). The truth is that the result is spectacular.

"In terms of the costume design, I wanted to have comic book style elements for the clothing and the chainmail, but also mix it with a Chitauri armor that we saw in The Avengers." Said Casperz about art. "I think Norman Osbourne, having such a large company, could put that technology in his hands after the Battle of New York."

It really looks like a cross between Chitauri and Skrull.

It has been rumored that the actor could appear in the Spider-Man movies.

It is no coincidence that the artist used actor Matthew McConaughey as the basis for his design, since there are many reports that he has met with Marvel and that we could soon see him in one of his films.

After what Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) sold the Avengers Tower in New York to someone, this led to speculation that it could eventually become OsCorp or the Baxter Building for the Fantastic Four.

Spider-Man 3 is scheduled for release on December 17, 2021. Let's hope they give us good news soon and we know that villains will appear. But it is clear that Matthew McConaughey would make a great Green Goblin.

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