Spectacular Fan Art of Natalie Portman as Marvel's new Thor

In the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, actress Natalie Portman will reprise her role as Jane Foster and will also be Marvel's new Goddess of Thunder.

The fans did not expect that Natalie Portman will ever return to Marvel Cinematic Universeespecially when she had previously been so dismissive about her involvement in the franchise after Thor: The Dark World (2013). Without forgetting that he was absent in the third installment Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

However, after Taika waititi completely reinvented Thor in Ragnarok, making him much funnier than previous versions, something that was extended in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, It seems that things have been rethought. This caused Thor to now be one of the most popular characters in the entire world. UCM and now he will hand over the title of God of Thunder to Jane Foster (Natalie Protman).

In an amazing new fan art of Jackson Caspersz imagine how the star of Black Swan and Star Wars could look like Marvel's new Goddess of Thunder. Here we leave you the image.

Spectacular Fan Art of Natalie Portman as Marvel's new Thor

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What will the fourth installment be about?

Thor: Love and Thunder It already has a very extensive cast that will include the Guardians of the Galaxy along with Valkyria's search for their queen, not forgetting the return of Natalie Protman and the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum). In addition, director Taika Waititi promised that the next adventure will make the crazy and irreverent Ragnarok seem very soft in comparison. Fans will need to buckle up for a wild ride when it hits theaters in February 2022.

But as if this weren't enough, to rival Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Protman, they have signed Christian bale, the old Batman from the Dark Knight trilogy will be a villain although his identity is unknown for now. But all the rumors suggest that it will be a character in CGI.

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