Spectacular Fan Art of Nicolas Cage as Terminator

If you've ever wondered how actor Nicolas Cage would look like a Terminator, here we leave you the result and it's impressive.

Arnold schwarzenegger will go down in history for being Terminator in one of the best science fiction sagas of all time. But… what if Nicolas Cage had gotten that role? I don't think I've ever been close to the franchise, but the result is still pretty funny.

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There are many other actors who have played a model of Cyberdyne Systems over the years. The T-1000 from Robert Patrick is obviously the benchmark, but we've also seen Kristanna Loken, Sam Worthington, Jason Clarke Y Gabriel Luna embody various versions of the killing machine in the franchise's extensive mythology.

However, the new fan art of SPDRMNKYXXIII puts an interesting and impressive spin on the legendary cybernetic organism by imagining Nicolas Cage on paper, and you can check it below.

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What do you think of Cageinator? Leave us your comments intonation.

Will they restart the saga?

After the failure that was Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), which only raised $ 261 million worldwide, the franchise seems to be completely stopped and it may be a long time until we see a new installment. At least until James Cameron decide what to do with the films he created. Who knows if at that moment it is the turn of Nicolas Cage.

For now it seems that this will not happen because the director is fully involved in finishing the Avatar films, while the actor Nicolas Cage has many projects on the way. The one with the greatest impact and success will be the third installment of The Search (National Treasure). But he will also play Joe Exotic in a series that will probably be sheer madness.

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