Spectacular Fan Art of Tom Hardy as the new James Bond

Would Tom Hardy be a great James Bond? Here we leave you a spectacular image created by an internet artist where he recreates the actor as agent 007.

While we wait for the last 007 movie of Daniel CraigWith No Time to Die, finally released in a couple of months, a major new rumor has been circulating online that the producers have already decided to replace it. Venom's star reportedly, Tom hardy, has been hired as the next James bond. Of course, the actor has long been a fan favorite for the role, but now the dream may come true.

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To give us an idea of ​​what the British actor might look like as the super secret agent, the fan artist BossLogic has worked its magic once again and created a poster with Tom hardy like the famous 007. Explain in the accompanying text that it was inspired by the poster of John wick 2014, which featured the action hero of Keanu reeves in a similar pose.

Here we leave you the image of Tom Hardy as James Bond.

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Spectacular Fan Art of Tom Hardy as the new James Bond

Would it be a great James Bond?

We all know that Tom hardy He has the screen presence and physique to play 007, although some have pointed out that he would be the shortest actor to play the character thus far. However, filmmakers have previously found ways to make him appear taller than he is - just look at him at The Dark Knight Rises (2012) where he looks like a real giant. So that's not really a problem. It is also the former Bond's first choice Pierce brosnan.

Currently Tom Hardy is in one of the best moments of his career, since next year he will premiere Venom: There Will Be Carnage, where he will replay Eddie Brock and also will War party where he will give life to a Navy SEALS. Without forgetting that at some point the great series must return Taboo.

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