Spectacular John Wick Fan Art vs. Tyler Rake

An internet artist has imagined what a confrontation between two great assassins would be like: John Wick vs. Tyler Rake. Who would win?

Although the stories do not have much to do, it must be recognized that the scenes are action of the saga of John wick and those of Tyler Rake (Extraction) Netflix's are quite similar. One is a hitman for revenge, the other is a mercenary trying to save a young man. But both face everything, against a lot of enemies that will not hesitate to kill them when they see them. That is why it is so interesting to know which of the two could win. A question that will probably never be answered, because they are two franchises that will not come together in the same movie.

In addition, the two film sagas have one more point in common. Since both are made by specialists of action scenes. John wick It is directed by Chad Stahelski he made a name for himself when he was twice as long in The Raven (1994) after the death of the actor Brandon Lee, afterwards he has worked in numerous films such as Matrix, Iron Man 2 or 300. While Tyler Rake It is directed by Sam Hargrave, an action specialist for many of the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We can see how John Wick and Tyler Rake have officially faced each other in a new and spectacular Fan Art by the graphic artist Bosslogic. The two of them look very prepared for an intense fight, and oddly enough they use melee weapons instead of firearms.

Spectacular John Wick Fan Art vs. Tyler Rake

There will be more movies from both sagas.

For some time they have been preparing John Wick 4, starring Keanu Reeves and that will start filming when the actor ends his commitment to Matrix 4. While after the success of Tyler Rake, the actor Chris Hemsworth (Thor in the Marvel movies) has already commented that he is willing to reprise the role. Although it has been speculated that it could be a prequel.

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