Spectacular live-action One-Punch Man Fan Art featuring Ryan Reynolds as Saitama

Can you imagine actor Ryan Reynolds as Saitama in the live-action adaptation of the anime One-Punch Man? Well, thanks to a Fan Art and you can see the result.

Since it was announced that One-punch man I could have a real action movie, I had not imagined Ryan Reynolds how Saitama, but after seeing the spectacular Fan Art that we leave you below, it really could be the perfect candidate. Since it has enough records to seem fun, boring, harmless and powerful at the same time. Of course ... He will have to shave his head.

Reddit user Zarting shared this incredible fan art that places Ryan Reynolds as the protagonist of the adaptation of One-Punch Man that SONY is preparing.

Spectacular live-action One-Punch Man Fan Art featuring Ryan Reynolds as Saitama

What is the anime about?

One-Punch Man is set in a world where humanity lives in big cities that are occasionally ravaged by monsters. To defend yourself there is a league of very powerful heroes. The protagonist is Saitama, who a few years ago was a normal man who decided to train and became the strongest of all. In fact, it can defeat anyone with a single hit. If Ryan Reynolds has already played Pikachu, he would surely do a great job with this other adaptation from Japan.

While a third season of the One-Punch Man anime has yet to be confirmed, that second season ended in a "cliffhanger" with the Monster Association continuing their quest to destroy the world of men. Although for now there is no threat that Saitama has not been able to defeat in one fell swoop, but the series has continued to increase the stakes by giving the other heroes many challenges to fight.

While actor Ryan Reynolds will return in one of his best roles in Deadpool 3, although this time he will make the leap to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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