Spectacular video of One-Punch Man in real action

What would One-Punch Man be like with real actors? We already have the answer to this question with the spectacular video that we leave you below.

Recently Sony Pictures announced a live action movie of One-Punch Man, so manga and anime fans wonder what the protagonist will be like Saitama and his the other superheroes on the big screen. A group of fans have answered that question with the spectacular video that we leave you below. Since they have recreated the initial "training" fight between Saitama and his cyborg student named Genos.

The relationship between Saitama and his apprentice Genos is heartwarming and funny. As the cyborg superhero seeks to uncover the secret to the One-Punch Man's power. In the first season, masterfully produced by animation studio Madhouse, the training segment saw the two heroes collide in a jaw-dropping display of ultimate powers, at the full force of Genos' abilities unable to even strike Saitama. The battle, which results in the protagonist unleashing a blow that destroys a mountain simply with its after-effect. Although it does not harm Genos, it shows that the cyborg has a long way to go before he reaches the same level as his new Master.

A very peculiar hero.

The irony of One-Punch Man is that regardless of Saitama's outsized power, the yellow-clad crime fighter is often seen as a joke among the public who think of him as a partner or sometimes even a menace to society. Instead Genos quickly rises through the ranks of the Hero Association. Even though he's weaker than Saitama he definitely managed to handle the PR side much better.

These fans have recreated a large number of battles of the best anime characters like One-Punch Man, Naruto, Avatar The Last Airbender, Tokyo Ghoul and Batman Beyond, to name a few. Proving that great things can be done on a small budget.

Let's hope the One-Punch Man movie is just as spectacular and will appeal to all fans of this peculiar hero.

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