Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 Resumes Production

Spider-Man: Un nuevo universo 2 reanuda producción

Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 returned to filming and fans are very happy. Remember that due to the pandemic, the sequel to this great story had to be paused.

Thanks to the posts of a member of the production, excellent news arrived for fans of the arachnid superhero. It was announced that Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 resumes its activities after several months of hiatus due to the pandemic.

Since the beginning of this year, Sony Animation has tried to advance in the making of a highly anticipated sequel that is closely followed, not only by fans of the character but by the general public. And is that the first animated film contribution about the character turned out to be a success, to the point that it stood out at the box office and even won an Oscar for Best Animated Film.

A sequel on the way

Production on Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 had already been discontinued at the beginning of the year, and then resumed only to be halted again in June. Now it was the animator Octavio E. Rodriguez who announced that the new adventures of Miles Morales continue their process. Just one tweet was enough to get fans to revolutionize the networks.

Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 promises to be an excellent movie, even much better than the first. “The development of new innovative art techniques that are being done for the next Spider-Verse movie is already driving me crazy,” said Chris Miller. “They make the first movie look quaint.”

Over the months, several rumors have emerged about the surprises that this sequel will bring us, not only at the audiovisual level, but also in the development of the story and the addition of new characters. For example, while in the first Spider-Verse, Morales conjugates with Peter B. Parker, Peni Parker, Spider-Man Noir and others, at the moment it is not known if all of them will return for the sequel.

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