Spider-Man: A new universe could have a spin-off with Spider-Gwen

Spider-Man: A New Universe is one of the character's most acclaimed movies. The possibility of the film having a spin-off focused on Spider-Gwen has been mentioned for a while now, and now Hailee Steinfeld has talked about it.

It is not the first time that a spin-off of Spider-Man: A New UniverseIn fact, the first time the possibility of Spider-Gwen starring in his own movie was mentioned, it was practically at the same time that a sequel to this successful animated film was given the green light. Regarding the second installment, it already has a planned release date for 2022.

Hailee Steinfeld, actress who provides her voice for said character in Spider-Man: A New Universe, has now wanted to clarify where the project would be, although she has not been able to specify things too much, and that is when Entertainment Tonight asked her if the possibility was being considered, Steinfeld has responded with a clear "that I know not, but I am not informed of this type of thing".

The interpreter claims not to know anything but adds that the forced rest caused by the coronavirus could become the best time to plan the project. “I feel like it's time to think about it. Obviously everything has been put on hold and that's why I haven't heard much about it lately. ”

A very good wink

Spider-Man: A New Universe It is riddled with winks to other incarnations of the character and to events that occur both in comics and on the big screen. So when Peter Parker is fighting against the new version of the Green Goblin that we see in the film, it seems to hear the scream that this villain let loose in the Sam Raimi films. Fans have asked composer Daniel Pemberton, but they have had no luck: "I'm going to keep the secret." It was also revealed that the film wanted to feature the cameo of all three Spider-Man live-action versions, but it didn't happen for anything in particular.

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