Spider-Man to team up with another group of Marvel Studios superheroes

They have big plans for all the superheroes of Marvel Studios, whether for the movies or Disney +, but Spider-Man will be a nexus.

A few years ago, Netflix premiered different series about The Defenders, a group of heroes living in New York. Now Marvel studios has been recovering the rights and wants to continue exploring the stories of these characters. The desire of the film studio is that they repeat the same actors, since they want to see them together Spider-man.

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As reported by sources who guessed that Taskmaster is the main villain in Black Widow, Ben Affleck will return as Batman in The Flash and that a She-Hulk show will come to fruition. Disney +, now they affirm that an idea that is being developed in Marvel Studios is to make a project in the near future where Spider-man join Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica jones (Krysten Ritter), Iron fist (Finn Jones) and Luke cage (Mike Colter). Who knows if we can even see again Punisher (Jon Bernthal) or Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio).

Spider-Man to team up with another group of Marvel Studios superheroes

He will not stop being an Avenger to be a Defender.

Although we see all these characters together, this does not mean that Spider-man will become a permanent member of the team, but upon Marvel studios he would like me to share the screen with the other heroes of New York at some point. This does not mean that he will stop being an Avenger, since when the situation calls for it, he will rejoin Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange or Hulk.

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There are different plans on the table and this could happen in a series or feature film of Disney +, and at this stage, it is too early to say how it will happen, but Marvel studios has reports that fans want this to happen. Therefore the chances of seeing The Defenders next to Spider-man.

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