Stanley Kubrick was impressed with a scene from Alien (1979)

Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick had to figure out how they made a scene from Ridley Scott's Alien movie.

Without a doubt one of the most legendary directors in the history of 20th century cinema is Stanley Kubrick, but even he was surprised by one of the director's scenes Ridley Scott from the horror classic Alien which premiered in 1979.

The scene in question is the one called Alien’s Chestburster. In it we can see for the first time the little baby Alien emerging from the chest of one of the protagonists. Without a doubt one of the most unforgettable moments in cinema. "I remember Stanley Kubrick calling me saying, 'How did you do that?' Ridley Scott said.

In the movie, the alien creature unexpectedly came out of the chest of John Hurt's character, Kane, in the ship's dining room. Nostromo. Scott withdrew from the scene positioning Hurt so that only his face was visible through a hole in the table, with a fake torso constructed so that the alien appeared to emerge violently from Hurt's chest.

"Stanley Kubrick said: I've seen it slowly, I can't see the cut," Scott said. "And I just said that. He said: OK, I have it. I have it, it worked. ”

The actors did not know what was going to happen.

Ridley Scott He was also able to evoke a genuine reaction of shock and surprise from the other actors by keeping the outcome of the scene secret. “I hid it a lot from the actors and kept the real little creature, whatever it was, from the actors. I never wanted them to see it, ”said director Ridley Scott. Remember that there were no digital effects in those days. Somehow I'm going to get that creature out of his chest. "

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