Stories of our cinema (2019) – Criticism

Enjoyable tour
For the history of Spanish cinema. Antonio Resines and Ana Pérez-Lorente narrate a
journey of more than 100 years that distills love to the seventh art.

Stories of our cinema It is a talk between friends who have something in common: they enjoy a passion for celluloid and everything around them. Antonio Resines is crowded into chairs, armchairs and armchairs of all sizes to start a conversation about the lightest and most hidden of the shootings. This usually results in deep reflections on the referents or the influence of invaluable nuances, but of great theoretical or scenic value … But it is not what happens here. Nobody feels a chair, nobody proclaims truths like fists or evangelizes. And in the end, that ends up being his biggest advantage.

The set is based on the near and light and works
to enjoy the 2 hours of footage. However, routes are not spared
by scabrous parts of history, such as censorship or the fight against
intellectual property. But all this relaxed with jokes and cartoons
easy digestion that convert the product is a pleasant story for the

It also highlights the use of archive images, well
inserted at the right time, and Javier's animation work
Marshal. With Enrique Cerezo in production, this film will serve many
to understand from such ‘transcendental’ issues as knowing where
We come to understand what motivated our stars to make movies …

The set is based on the near and light and works to enjoy the 2 hours of footage.

As an addition, the appearance of this documentary should serve
to make a joint reflection. Spanish cinema has been the object many times
mocking and pointed out for its supposed low quality. There will be products that will give the
reason to critics, but it is undeniable that rivers of talent have appeared (and
keep appearing) in our panorama.
Segundo de Chomón, Jose María Forqué, Berlanga, Buñuel, Almodóvar … Until
get to the current Bayonne or Sorogoyen. Maybe we will never be Hollywood, the
aspirations must be different, but nobody should take away the satisfaction of
Be proud of the place we came from.

Synopsis On May 11, 1896, at the Price circus, owned by the English citizen William Parish, the Hungarian Edwin Rousby, using an animator, projects the first moving images that could be seen in Spain. From this fact, our narrator, Antonio Resines, is recasting anecdotes until he manages to compose an amazing story, that of our cinema. This narrative is mixed with testimonies from directors, actors and producers that are illustrated with images of the films to which reference is made.
country Spain
Direction Ana Pérez-Lorente, Antonio Resines
Script Ana Pérez-Lorente, Antonio Resines
Music Emilio Aragón
Photography Juan Molina
Gender Documentary film
Duration 120 min.
Original title Stories of our cinema
Premiere 11/22/2019

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