Suicide Squad: David Ayer denied a rumor about the Joker

David Ayer continues to campaign to launch his Suicide Squad court. Meanwhile, the director cleared up a rumor about his Joker.

Since Il Snyder Cut it was confirmed, David Yesterday is in campaign to show his court of Suicide Squad, which he titled Cut yesterday. The director is very active on social networks, where he talks to fans and even releases news about his work. On this occasion, a rumor was circulating about the Joker, which David was forced to clarify.

Fans speculated that the cut of Suicide Squad could include more scenes with the Joker of Jared Leto, a character that DC fans expected to see more of in the original version. Recently, David Yesterday confirmed that this would not be the case. Or at least we won't be seeing the character for 39 minutes as one fan suggested.

A Joker who had no luck

He Joker of Jared Leto originally had a bigger role in Suicide Squad. It is common knowledge that the actor filmed several scenes such as the character that never made it to the final cut, and even David Yesterday He has already commented on the fact that most of the scenes were cut with statements such as: “Jared was quite mistreated during this. No one has seen his performance. It was ripped from the movie. " According to the director, the failure of his film was due to Deadpool.

Shortly after the launch of the Snyder Cut of League of Justice, fans immediately started asking about the version of David Yesterday of Suicide Squad. The director recently confirmed the existence of the Yesterday Cut, however, he has also made it clear that its original version is highly unlikely to ever see the light of day. However, Zack Snyder he also thought the same and his work will finally hit the platform HBO Max. | Movies, comics and series