Suicide Squad: David Ayer revealed romance between Harley Quinn and Deadshot

David Suicide Squad Yesterday is still giving a lot to talk about. Now the director of the film revealed that Harley Quinn and Deadshot had an affair but it was cut from the tape.

Almost four years after the premiere of Suicide Squad, the film is still a topic of conversation, unfortunately it is not for its quality, but because the director David Yesterday He hasn't stopped complaining about how much they modified his movie. Now through social networks he revealed a couple of drastic changes that have surprised fans.

In the comics and in the movie Batman: Assault on Arkham we had already seen a passionate romance between Harley quinn and Deadshot, but what many of us did not know is that in Suicide Squad we would see that story, and the characters played by Margot Robbie and Will Smiththey would be involved in a romance.

A romance that did not happen

This revelation took place on Twitter, after a user commented on a photograph of the set of Suicide Squad where "The Devil" appears alive in the scene where Enchantress was already defeated. To the question about whether El Diablo was going to survive the final battle, this was what Yesterday answered (via Comic Book Movie): “Diablo originally survived, Harley and Deadshot started a couple relationship. This was changed in the reshoots. "

It is interesting to remember that after the premiere of Suicide Squad, David Yesterday He claimed to be proud of the movie that had hit theaters. Over time his stance on the film in question changed, as tired of receiving criticism that he considered unfair, he admitted what several rumors had said in 2016, that Warner Bros. altered his vision of the film to a great extent, not only eliminating many of the scenes with the Joker, but also adding jokes in the reshoots and dramatically changing the plot. He even went on to say that Marvel he does know how to make movies ... not like other studios. | Movies, comics and series