Suicide Squad: David Ayer says his court would be "easy and cathartic"

David Ayer again addressed the possibility of his version of the Suicide Squad movie being released, as is happening with the Snyder Cut, the other version of Justice League.

Since it was announced that the version of League of Justice of Zack Snyder will see the light next year in HBO Max, the theme of a possible release of David Ayer's Suicide Squad cut has been installed among fans and some media. This is because a long time ago, the director has claimed that the movie that hit theaters was not what he had planned and that there is another version of the story.

In that context, while HBO Max and Warner Bros. They have not yet announced anything concrete about a possible new cut in Suicide Squad, David Yesterday he went back to the option of ending his version of the tape. Following up on his previous comments that any possible extended cut of the tape depended on the studio, the director now assured that finishing his cut of the film would not be very difficult and would also help him deal with the negative comments he has faced during all these years.

"This is a good question," wrote Yesterday in response to a tweet wondering about a possible release of the director's cut on HBO Max. "My cut would be easy to complete," added the director. "It would be incredibly cathartic for me. It's exhausting to get your butt kicked for a movie that received the Edward Scissorhands treatment. The movie I made has never been seen. "

Is this wish possible?

Unlike what happened with Zack Snyder and Justice League, David Ayer never had to leave the address of Suicide Squad and the changes in its version of the film occurred during the editing and re-filming stage, so much of the “Yesterday Cut” would already be filmed or quite advanced.

However, at the moment there do not seem to be any specific intentions to launch a new edition of the film. After all, despite the fact that the film had a good collection, since its release it has been the focus of a series of negative reviews. | Movies, comics and series