Suicide Squad: David Ayer spoke about the deleted scene from Katana

David Ayer recently revealed new details about Suicide Squad. On this occasion, the director spoke about the great deleted scene from Katana.

During this quarantine, David Yesterday He was more active than ever on social media. On this occasion, the director of Suicide Squad, He revealed more details about the film that was not a huge box office hit. Yesterday he used his profile to speak to fans about the deleted scene from Katana, which promised to be a great gem.

Unlike Harley Quinn and Deadshot, Katana represented a relatively small part of the most controversial team in the DC Extended Universe. However, many of the original ideas of David Yesterday were left out of the final cut of Suicide Squad, including an epic scene from the samurai warrior.

It was evident to fans that the first trailer for Suicide Squad it was much darker than the later teasers and of course the final cut of the movie. Recently a follower took advantage of the fact that the topic has revived to ask directly to David Yesterday about the existence of a scene starring Katana, which we could not see in the feature film. The director provided more context on what was happening in that sequence (via Cinema Blend): "Enchantress takes it with a tendril and attacks the rest of the Squad."

Will there be a Yesterday Cut?

After confirmation of Snyder Cut, many fans are wondering what will happen to Suicide Squad. Through the years, David Yesterday He has been very frank about the fact that the final product left out a ton of scenes and concepts that he had specially prepared for this story. AT&T recently appears to have confirmed that the Cut yesterday It will also have a chance to shine, though the filmmaker has not revealed whether this will happen eventually. | Movies, comics and series