Suicide Squad: Director of Birds of Prey supports David Ayer

Since the Snyder Cut became a reality, David Ayer has been hopeful that the same will happen with Suicide Squad. For this, it has the support of Cathy Yan, director of Birds of Prey.

With confirmation that the Snyder Cut of League of Justice will see the light, David Yesterday is very excited and showed more than once his desire that Suicide Squad have a Cut yesterday. According to him, the film was going to be darker and the studio ended up turning it into a comedy. In this way, the director is not responsible for the failure that was the box office. In the midst of this move appeared Cathy Yan, director of Birds of prey, who showed their support.

“I wrote a perfectly consistent script. Joker was complex and had dimension. They lied to you, it's okay for you to be angry, ”David Ayer explained to a fan, but the multiple changes the production company forced him to make had a disappointing result in Suicide Squad. The director is determined to show that his movie would have been a good movie if his vision had been respected, and even James Gunn (who has just directed the sequel / reboot) believes he deserves this opportunity.

The support of the director

Now it has been Cathy Yan, the woman behind Birds of prey, the one who wanted to share their support for the director on social networks. The Harley Quinn solo film starring Margot Robbie was a box office failure, although it received considerably good reviews (especially compared to Suicide Squad).

"I'm sorry this happened to you David, I know that pain"Yan replied to Yesterday's sorry message: "We had to re-record it because the tone was 'too dark.' (…). I was inspired by Nolan. There were scenes with incredible work by Jared and Margot. The Joker was terrifying. Harley was complex. " | Movies, comics and series