Suicide Squad was going to link directly to Justice League

Director David Ayer has discussed his original plans for Suicide Squad and how it would tie in with the Justice League story.

When Zack Snyder raised his movies DC Comics, I was clear that I wanted to add to Darkseid As a great villain, that's why he first attacked Steppenwolf and then in Justice League 2 would have their great appearance. But after all the problems of filming and the low box office of the 2017 movie, that never happened. Still, Suicide Squad's initial plans were to tie in with this story.

This is explained by the director of Suicide Squad himself David Yesterday:

We Synchronized Stories: Suicide Squad was the entry ramp for Justice League, which was a much more ambitious two-part movie arc with impressive reach. Suicide Squad was the appetizer of Zack's epic. "The best plans," as they say. "

Steppenwolf was going to have a brief appearance at the end.

David Ayer had very little time to prepare the script. They also changed quite a few substantial things about Suicide Squad midway through the shoot. But one of their plans is for Steppenwolf to have a brief appearance, although they could also bring up the issue of mother boxes. Since in the head of Zack Snyder was the idea of ​​uniting all this universe as he had done Marvel studios since Iron Man premiered in 2008. But the plans didn't go very well.

Now Justice League will have a new opportunity with a 4-hour montage that will premiere on the platform HBO Max. But in addition, the original assembly of David Ayer's Suicide Squad is already being requested, which is quite different from what was seen in theaters.

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