Superdetective in Hollywood 4 to be filmed in California

Ten studio films and 13 independent films will take advantage of the California state tax incentive program, including the fourth installment of Super Detective in Hollywood 4

The California Film and TV tax credit program has introduced an additional 23 new films, 10 studio films and 13 independent films, for shooting in the state, including top spenders such as the untitled John Lennon and Jean's Yoko Ono. Marc Vallée, the Zack Snyder sci-fi film that will shoot for Netflix, Rebel Moon and Jerry Bruckheimer's Superdetective in Hollywood 4.

Super Detective in Hollywood 4, is the result of a one-time licensing agreement between Netflix and Paramount to produce the franchise restart that began in 1984, which will generate $ 78 million in qualified spending in the state between salaries to California workers and payments to providers in the state, during the 58 days of filming, including San Bernardino.

The second season of the Morning Show will also be filmed, which will reunite Jennifer Aniston with Reese. "We look forward to welcoming this diverse mix of films and filmmakers to the tax credit program," said California Film Commission Executive Director Colleen Bell in a statement. The 23 projects are expected to generate nearly $ 678 million in qualified spending in California.

Other big-budget projects to shoot in the state include Zack Snyder's epic sci-fi fantasy Rebel Moon for Netflix, which will generate $ 83 million in qualified spending over 117 days of filming, and an untitled Jean film. -Marc Vallee for Universal, which the California Film Commission expects to generate $ 86.7 million in qualified spending.

Still from Morning show on Apple TV plus

Still from Morning show on Apple TV plus

Still from Morning show on Apple TV plus

Nine of the 13 independent projects have budgets of 10 million or less in qualified expenses.

Other studio shoots taking place in California with tax credit incentives include Imagine Entertainment's Escape; untitled projects by Aziz Ansari, Karyn Kusama, and Kobi Libii; and the untitled Jonah Hill project by Kenya Barris.

The latest film projects will also hire an estimated team of 4,088 actors and 40,621 extras and alternates for a total of 953 days of filming. And they will generate significant post-production work and revenue for California visual effects artists, sound editors, sound mixers, musicians and other vendors, the California Film Commission said.

As the California state tax credit program seeks to extend production jobs and spending beyond Hollywood, 239 or about 25 percent of the planned 953 days of filming in the state are slated for out-of-area. from studios 30 miles from Los Angeles.

On July 21, Governor Gavin Newsom signed one to expand the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program by $ 330 million to attract production jobs to California.

“California's iconic entertainment industry is a source of pride that generates significant income and opportunity for workers, businesses and communities across the state,” Newsom said. “Today's investments ensure that film and television production will continue to drive California's comeback through thousands of good jobs here in the Golden State, training opportunities to increase access, and a focus on fostering diversity and inclusion for a workforce that better reflects our vibrant communities. "

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the tax credit program has provided $ 335 million to 48 projects and 27 television series that have left other states and nations for California since the program launched in 2009. Los Officials say the program has generated nearly $ 18 billion in production spending.

"These strategic investments reaffirm Golden State's role as a leading player in the global entertainment industry, a vital sector that accounts for billions in wages and earnings for California workers and businesses," said Dee Dee Myers, Office Director. of Business and Economy of the Governor. Development.

This type of initiative was born in an effort to retain the productions in series and films in the cinema mecca that had seen how in recent years more and more productions went outside of California for their shootings, turning places like Canada or Australia into their destinations. favorites, precisely because of the tax advantages they found in these places.

Source: THR

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