Superworld: Jason Bateman to direct a film about superheroes

For fans of superheroes, a new story will come to the big screen from actor Jason Bateman. It will be an adaptation of a book published by Gus Krieger.

After Game Night, Ozark on Netflix and a very extensive career, Jason Bateman and screenwriter Mark Perez will work together again to adapt Superworld, a novel about a world where everyone but one man has superpowers. Warner Bros has acquired the rights to the book published by Gus Krieger earlier this year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bateman will also produce, but details of when filming would begin or who will make up the cast have yet to be revealed.

The story, published through an audio book this summer, is set in 2038 when every person on the planet has developed powers except for a man named Ignatius Lohman. Lohman has an office job while his father is the leader of a superhero organization, but he will be the only one who will be able to face a corporatist tycoon whose power is precisely to neutralize those of others. An adventure reminiscent of The Incredibles.

A versatile man

Although he is a well-known person in Hollywood and many of us remember him for his role as an actor ('Juno', 'Up in the Air', 'Arrested Development'), Jason Bateman's career as a director so far includes the comedies' Games of words' and 'The Fang Family'. In addition, he also participated in the direction of some episodes of series such as 'The Visitor', 'Do Not Disturb' and 'Ozark', in the latter he is also the protagonist and does an excellent job.

The truth is that Jason Bateman is not only planning to carry out Superworld, this new film in which he will work with Warner Bros. Apparently, the actor is also in talks to get behind the cameras of 'Here Comes the Flood' and the film of horror 'Shut In', both for Netflix. | Cinema, comics and series