Sylvester Stallone could be Judge Dredd again

They are preparing a series on Judge Dredd and want Sylvester Stallone to reprise the role he played in the 90s.

The character of the comic Judge Dredd It has not been very successful in the cinema, so they want to try it as a television series. The first movie was starring Sylvester Stallone and had some very bad reviews. In the second installment it gave life Karl Urban and it was much closer to the comic. But even so, it did not explode ticket offices. Perhaps television is a much more suitable format for this great defender of the law.

With the title of Mega-city one, this series was announced in 2017 but since then there have been no great advances. Although actor Karl Urban has never given up hope of reprising Judge Dredd, it seems they wanted to restart the character once again. But it seems that they also have in mind to recover Sylvester Stallone.

The actor does not mind repeating in his best known characters.

Now, in a recent interview, Jason Kingsley, CEO of current rights holders Rebellion, finally offered some long-awaited updates and not only confirmed that the scripts for Mega-City One were completed and ready, but they also admitted that they would love to bring Sylvester Stallone back as part. of his plans to expand the universe.

"I want there to be a sequel. We have reclaimed the rights to be able to do it, we just have to get rid of this virus that is happening right now and hopefully things can start in all kinds of different areas to make movies and TV. Now everything is very messy right now for everyone. A lot of work has been done on all kinds of different scripts actually. So Mega-City One, the TV show is very advanced. Basically we can't go into production due to the situation and we have scripts, and everything is ready to go, but the problem is that due to the situation, all backgrounds are changing and everyone is changing. Well, if we can get people back, you know, we even think it would be quite fun to get Sylvester Stallone back. ”

If actor Sylvester Stallone has reprized his roles as Rambo or Rocky numerous times, nothing prevents him from being Judge Dredd again. | Movies, comics and series