Tenet delayed its release due to new cases of coronavirus in the US

Unfortunately, Tenet had no choice but to change its release date. This is because new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the United States.

The cinema will have to wait a little longer to be able to projector Tenet, the long-awaited new film by Christopher Nolan. A new spike in US coronavirus cases, forced (commercially speaking) Warner to further delay its premiere until August 12. The circumstances in the country are very unstable and changing as the rapid increase in cases could force cinema circuits not to reactivate their operations in mid-July as planned.

In this way, Warner and Christopher Nolan They are following the recommendations of the exhibitors who do not expect all the halls to open in July or that the public is prepared to return en masse. Recall that on June 23, California confirmed 7,149 new infections, a record for the state. For this reason, Tenet he had no choice but to adapt to the new consequences and measures.

The first release date scheduled for Tenet It was July 17, which was moved to July 31 to now have to be delayed two weeks again. However, Christopher Nolan, who recently confirmed that the film will not be about time travel, revealed that he is not prepared for his film not to go down in history as the major film event after the pandemic. And according to rumors, the director would have fought with the production company to keep the launch this summer at all costs, instead of following the strategy of Wonder Woman 1984 which happened directly from August 14 to October 2.

The other titles in danger

In addition to Tenet, Disney is also expected to delay the release of its star premiere, Mulan, which is currently set for July 24. On Wednesday the 24th, the company announced that it was unlikely that the Disneyland park in Anaheim could open its doors on July 17 as planned.

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