Tenet: Details on the role of Aaron Taylor-Johnson revealed

Tenet is giving a lot to talk about. Christoper Nolan recently conducted an interview where he revealed some details about the role played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

A month and a half after Tenet hit theaters, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding its plot and characters. Thanks to his advertising campaign, we were able to at least see his top-tier cast in action. However, there is a face that no film still, poster or trailer has revealed, and that is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who since May 2019 we know that he will appear in the film.

For the sake of slightly dispersing the public's ignorance, a statement by Christopher Nolan, recently published by EW, We anticipate an attribute that defines the actor in Avengers: Age of Ultron in his film, which somehow justifies that he continues to go unnoticed. In fact, if you are very observant, you will be interested to know that the filmmaker confessed that Aaron Taylor-Johnson already appeared briefly in one of the publicity materials of Tenet, previously released.

The director's word

"Aaron Taylor-Johnson is in the movie. It's an important part of it, "said Nolan. Yes, there are no photographs of him, that's true. He is briefly seen in the [second] trailer. It is also completely unrecognizable. There are all kinds of things that happen in terms of where the story is going - as the movie unfolds - and where it ends in later stages that we don't want to spoil people, ”he revealed. Christopher Nolan about the actor's character in Tenet.

One month ago, Warner Bros. released the second trailer, and before that whirlwind of images, the possibilities soar about when Aaron Taylor-Johnson makes an appearance. Could it be the subject lying tied to a chair, along with the character from John David Washington, on the train tracks? Or is he one of the villain's minions played by Kenneth Branagh?

While we are still waiting, we tell you that an actor from Tenet revealed that he could not overcome the filming of the film.

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