Tenet exceeds expectations at the box office

Tenet supera las expectativas en taquilla

Before, the success of a movie was measured by its collection, but now things have changed and Tenet has been released exceeding expectations.

The box office news has been pretty dire this year as the pandemic closed theaters earlier this year and delayed countless movies. In recent weeks, theaters have gradually reopened both in the United States and internationally, although the larger US markets remain closed. However, since the coronavirus is still a concern, there was some curiosity to see how it works. Tenet after its premiere in some countries.

Tenet has been seen by many as the possible savior of the annual box office. For before the pandemic broke out, the spy thriller of Nolan it was one of the most anticipated movies of the year. It was initially scheduled for a July release, but Warner Bros. ended up delaying it several times. Rather than pressuring Tenet until all theaters have reopened, the studio opted to proceed with an unconventional launch plan. Tenet launched in several international markets this weekend before debuting in select locations in the US and China later this week.

According to analysts, Tenet gave the international box office a much-needed life and exceeded expectations by grossing more than $ 53 million. This came from 40 markets other than Canada, with 37 million coming from areas in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Toby Emmerich said in a statement: “We are off to a fantastic start internationally and we couldn't be happier. Christopher Nolan has once again presented a film worthy of an event that demands to be seen on the big screen. We are delighted that audiences around the world have the opportunity to see Tenet. “

After months of virtually no revenue for the international box office, this is highly celebrated news.

Tenet was already showing signs of a good financial performance when it came to pre-sales, but many remained cautious about how it would perform once it actually debuted. Doctors still advise against going to movie theaters and many are operating at reduced capacity. However, the excitement of a new Nolan movie was clearly enough to draw audiences abroad, and Tenet is off to a good start. Of course, with a budget of up to 200 million, it still has a long way to go before it can be considered a true financial success. Since it was estimated that it needed about 800 million to be profitable, something that unfortunately will not happen, but at least it will make large numbers and reopen the rooms.

The next big tests for Tenet will arrive this week when it debuts in the United States and China. The latter has seen its box office figures gradually rise in recent weeks, and some of Nolan's previous films have been shown there recently. Tenet's overall success could hinge on its performance in China, so all eyes will be on its box office comeback next weekend. When it comes to the US, the domestic box office has gotten off to a slow start so far, but a highly anticipated blockbuster like Tenet could turn things around. So far, it has been done well abroad, but only time will tell how Tenet continues to function.

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