Tenet has to make a lot of money to be profitable

Christopher Nolan's movie Tenet has to raise a lot of money if he wants to recoup his production investment.

According to reports, Tenet of Christopher Nolan has to raise more than $ 800 million at the global box office to break even and recoup production / marketing costs. The movie, which was due for release this week, has been postponed twice because of the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. So that in Warner Bros. They can't risk it and they have to have all the cinemas open and fully operational if they want to get some money back.

It has long been known that Tenet was not a cheap movie to make. Supposedly the production budget is 200 million dollars before taking into account the marketing costs. The funny thing is that there is an unwritten rule that a movie has to raise twice the initial budget to start making money. In the case of Tenet it is 400 million dollars, so it is quite striking that it has to reach 800 million to be profitable.

Possible reasons why you have to make so much money.

Warner Bros. may have spent more money than expected on Tenet's marketing campaign, or delaying the film multiple times has increased costs. It is also speculated that director Christopher Nolan will receive quite a percentage at the box office, this means that the film studio has to collect a lot to reach the balance point. In addition, the budget may have skyrocketed and the 200 million may not be in line with reality.

All of this highlights the complicated position Warner Bros is in when trying to determine when Tenet should be released. The symbolism of being one of the first major films to bring audiences to the big screen after the pandemic sounds good, but not being in theaters at full capacity causes a rather risky situation.

Anyway Christopher Nolan He is a pretty box-office director, but still raising $ 800 million or more is quite difficult. For this Tenet would have to make numbers similar to Origin (2010), but it must be remembered that Interstellar (2014) and Dunkirk (2017) did not reach those figures.

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