Tenet is a failure in America

The pandemic severely affected Tenet's earnings worldwide, but at least at the foreign box office it has made a tepid advance.

Tenet is apparently having some trouble succeeding at the United States box office. Of course, the main cause is the pandemic that is being experienced, which generated several inconveniences. While in several cities of the country the film has been able to reach the billboards, Los Angeles and New York remain oblivious to any open cinema; the loss of these two large cities represents a significant drop in the film's earnings.

Regardless, the tape reached a remarkable few million. Of course, these are not impressive figures, as it is just barely managing to meet the costs of production. While Disney was inclined to release Mulan on the Disney + platform to avoid further delays and losses, Warner Bros. executives stayed true to their vision and the movie chains, delaying the release and ensuring that sooner or later the film would arrive. to movie theaters.

In some countries, Tenet appeared on the billboard on August 26 and in the United States on September 4; Since then, the box office revenue has been reported but it has definitely not been as Warner Bros. expected under the best of circumstances.

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A failure on the way

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tenet it reached US $ 29 million at the local box office, while globally it secures US $ 207 million. It is worth mentioning that Warner Bros. has made an unexpected move.

The production company hides the proceeds of its film in order to control the panorama and prevent other studios from intervening with unwanted releases. In this way, Warner Bros. wants to carry out its production at any time. On the other hand, it has reported regularly on earnings in the rest of the world, and China is the nation that contributes the largest share to Tenet, conceding $ 50 million and becoming the number one film on the billboard, well above Mulan, that the Chinese want to see or comment on.

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