Tenet is too long for cinemas in China

Christopher Nolan's Tenet film is only being stymied for release in theaters worldwide.

They intended that Tenet It was the first major film to be released after the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) passed, but they had to delay their arrival in theaters until August 12 and that date may not be the definitive one, since the This situation does not seem to be improving and there have been flares in both the United States and Europe. It also seems that bad news is coming from China.

Earlier this week, China's plans were reported to reopen movie theaters in low-risk areas, according to the China Film Association. The Asian giant has been among the strictest countries in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, easily closing public spaces, including movie theaters, when new cases have emerged. This reopening date of July 20 comes with a new health and safety measure: Movies released in China cannot last more than two hours. This new rule has been implemented in an effort to minimize the amount of time viewers are close to each other. So this is a serious problem for Tenet it takes about 150 minutes.

Warner Bros. cannot lose such an important market.

The Tenet movie has cost about $ 200 million and there is speculation that it should raise more than $ 800 million to be profitable. For now neither Christopher Nolan neither Warner Bros. have confirmed the official duration of Tenet. Since their information came from the Korean ratings board, so they may be subject to change. Furthermore, brevity has never really been part of the Nolan brand. So even if it's not 150 minutes, chances are good that Tenet will last more than two hours. Similarly, it is unclear whether Nolan would consider cutting Tenet only for the Chinese public.

China also has not set a release date for Tenet. So they could leave some time until they change the two-hour rule and thus be able to premiere in such an important market for Nolan, where films like Interstellar (2014) and Dunkirk (2017), raised a lot of money.

Tenet will premiere on August 12, 2020. But it is a date that is not at all certain, it could even reach some countries and not others.

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