Tenet: John David Washington talked about a sequel

Tenet hit theaters, despite the situation that is going through worldwide. Apparently, the Christopher Nolan movie could have a sequel or so John David Washington feels it.

Tenet, the new film that Christopher Nolan created, managed to divide the audience and also saw what it may be capable of if there are plans for the future. In this way, this detail and that it is acclaimed by a large part of the audience allows there to be possibilities for a second film. Without a doubt, the protagonist John David Washington confirmed that he is more than ready to carry out this idea.

The success it had, taking into account the situation that handles it, and its shocking ending (which we will not talk about so as not to spoil it); are more than enough reasons to carry out a potential sequel. For that reason, when John David Washington was asked directly about such a possibility and if he would be willing to return for a new Tenet film, his response was quite forceful and gave a lot of hope.

A sequel on the way?

"In my opinion, that's a yes!" Revealed John David Washington. “Will we do this again, will we see each other in a couple of years? Actually, I do not know. Chris does what he wants. Maybe he has something that he has developed over the years that he wants to do next, maybe he has been inspired by something else that he sees and wants to do that, I don't know "he exclaimed and then finished saying:" I hope we can do it again, I hope we can explore more, because I think we are faced with something really unique ”.

Although Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan did not discuss a continuation of the story at the moment, those who have already seen Tenet developed an interesting theory that could work for a second round on the big screen. But at the moment, beyond the theories and the desire of the protagonist, there is no confirmed information. To date, the film has already exceeded a gross of $ 250 million at the international box office.

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