Tenet: The first reactions assure that it is "masterful"

Tenet is getting closer to hitting theaters, at least in some countries. Now the first reactions of the film were released.

Tenet It continues to remain one of the most anticipated movies of 2020. Regardless of the pandemic, Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan made the decision to release the film in movie theaters. In this way, the CEO of IMAX Corp., Rich Gelfond, shared the first reactions of the attendees through Deadline and we can say that a unique experience awaits us in theaters. The film stands as a great promise of 2020, a film that refuses to fall before the crisis.

Information on the argument of Tenet It has been taken care of in the greatest detail. In it we will witness the adventure of "The Protagonist", played by John David Washington, who will be involved in a mysterious mission that aims to save humanity from a possible world war. Through the images shared in the trailers, we can see that it is a journey full of action and science fiction. Espionage will also be a key issue for Tenet, a film that will include the talents of Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki.

Will it be that good?

Tenet It was recorded in IMAX format, as the director wanted, always thinking big and the most sophisticated experience in cinemas. Gelfond He told Deadline on Tuesday that some company employees have already seen important parts of the film, reacting in the best way. The CEO himself has an excellent opinion of the film and we really have no choice but to think that this film will be something impressive.

“Several people at Imax were involved with Tenet in the post-production phase. Her reaction was: ‘OMG, I forgot how wonderful it was to be in a movie. Tenet is a wonderful tape, beautifully recorded and masterfully made. It was not just a person. There were several Imax employees who spontaneously told me that. ’”

In Spain, the film will arrive at the end of August.

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