Tenet's First Criticisms: Nolan Outdoes Himself

Primeras críticas de Tenet: Nolan se supera a sí mismo

After waiting a long time, Tenet by Christopher Nolan will finally be released and we can read the reviews of those lucky ones who have already been able to see it.

The movie of Tenet It will be released on August 26 in some countries and in others we will have to wait until September, but it is a film for which you return to the cinema and enjoy a convoluted, but fascinating entertainment. It will surely create some controversy among the director's fans Christopher Nolan and his detractors, but at least the show is assured.

First reviews of the film:

Nolan has outdone himself, it is in the action pieces that, despite being head-turning technical complexity, are sharper than occam's razor and they are carried out with an amazing economy.
Altogether, it is a cold and cerebral film, easy to admire, especially since it is so rich in boldness and originality. But almost impossible to love, because it lacks a certain humanity.
We are never supposed to know exactly what is happening at any given moment, but we will be entertained by the overwhelming nonsense of all of this.
You have to see Tenet. If only to marvel at the stupid and entertaining glory of what we once had and are in danger of never having again.
The film is a race against a clock that defies everything we know about time. Large-scale sequences have time to move back and forth and zigzag at the same time. The action beats anything Nolan has ever done before.
Reviewing ideas he had already discussed at Interstellar, Nolan returns to his favorite topic, Weather. The result of Tenet, as expected, phenomenal.
Tenet feels a bit conservative, like Nolan's style is a franchise rather than a framework. Despite this, it is still more interesting than most other films and acts as a beacon for the director's strengths.
It's a dream trip… for the most part, for anyone looking for a flashy escapism.
It's the kind of movie worthy of announcing a triumphant and explosive return to theaters.
Deceitful, bold, tremendously spectacular. Tenet could be the perfect setting for this year's delayed blockbuster season.
Christopher Nolan has created a mind-blowing roller coaster from a movie that is the perfect introduction to theaters.
Impressive and frustrating, it's a great big-screen experience, though it falls short of Nolan's best.
The meticulousness of Nolan's large canvas action aesthetic is riveting, as if to make up for the loose threads and mocking paradoxes of his script, or perhaps simply to underscore that they don't matter as much.
The plot is confusing rather than complex, with less to say about the flow of time than Interstellar or Memento. In the end, Tenet is not one of Nolan's most satisfying films.
Christopher Nolan's long-anticipated time mischief is a humorless disappointment.
This is a movie that will have many raise their hands in deception, and I hope that many more will take theirs in awe and delight.
The world is more than ready for a fabulous blockbuster. Especially one who has face masks and talks about going back in time to avoid a catastrophe. It's a real shame that Tenet isn't that.
At its best, this is a journey that manages to be viscerally exciting while remaining emotionally and intellectually engaging, all in ways that are truly cinematic.

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