Terrifier 2 will no longer arrive this Halloween

The official account for the independent horror film confirms that Terrifier 2 will not be released this Halloween, in addition to other problems.

Director of Terrifier 2 It has confirmed what many expected. Damien Leone used the film's Facebook page to report the delay in the release. Terrifier 2 was expected to arrive just around the Halloween festivities this year, but due to issues related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), they are still recording the last scenes.

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In the official statement, Leone has been forced to answer incessant questions from fans of the film. The main objective was for the film to be released this month, but like many other productions it faced long delays due to the Coronavirus. Leone says they have resumed filming and that the drying is in the last stages of production. The new goal is to finish the recordings by early 2021.

But this is not the only problem Terrifier 2 faces. The director claims that the distribution of the film is not entirely assured. “As you know, Terrifier 2 is a completely independent film, financed by Indieogogo and several private investors. We do not have a study or a distribution company to support us, so this campaign is grassroots at all levels. " The first part was also funded by Indiegogo and released directly to DVD by Dread Central Presents but it still does not have a distribution company, which puts the entire production at risk.

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To calm those who look forward to the return of Art the clown, Leone says the wait will be worth it. “We are as eager and excited to release the film as you are to see it. But the last thing we want to do is rush. The cast and crew have put a great deal of time and energy into this film and we hope to exceed expectations on all levels. "

What to expect from the sequel?

Terrifier was released in 2016 and introduces us to Art the clown. The homicidal clown takes Halloween as a date to act and chase everyone he meets in an abandoned apartment. Especially his new obsession, Tara Heyes. In the sequel, after being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the clown returns to Miles County to stalk and destroy a teenage girl and her little brother on Halloween night. The sequel stars Lauren LaVera and David H. Thornton.

Terrifier proved to be a hit with independent horror premieres. Art the Clown was hailed as one of the most remarkable killer clowns in a genre full of them. The return in Halloween The killer clown would have provided an opportunity for Terrifier 2 to gain the attention of a wider audience. While we wait, Damien Leone promises to keep followers informed through the official social networks of the film.

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