Thanos' brother could appear in a Marvel movie

They have plans to include Starfox, Thanos' brother, in a new Marvel movie. Something that surely would impact fans of the saga.

Before the Marvel movie of The Eternals began to roll, it was rumored that Starfox would have a role in the movie the UCM. For now, from the little that has been shown, it does not appear Starfox (Thanos brother) nowhere. But still, new reports indicate that he will be making his movie debut. First he would have a small cameo as a presentation and then he would have a bigger role in future installments. A strategy that they have used on several occasions and that has worked perfectly for them.

The character has all the incentives to be one of the great stars of Marvel, since he is an Eternal but also an Avenger in the comics. In addition to the brother of Thanos, the one who has been the great villain of the latest movies. It is speculated that we might get to see it both in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 like in the series Hulka (She-Hulk).

Who's Starfox?

Created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin for Iron Man # 55 (February 1973). Starfox was born on Titan and is the son of A’lars (also known as Mentor) and Sui-San. Although he is the brother of Thanos, his personalities are totally different. His name is Eros and Starfox is his "alias" for superhero. His skills include super strength and ability to fly. But you can also psychically control other people's emotions. He has been part of the Avengers and the Dark Guardians. Not forgetting that he has had a relationship with Hulka.

Although he is the brother of Thanos, he does not think like him and opposes his ideas of exterminating half the life of the universe. He actually fought him when he attacked titan and joined the heroes who opposed the great Marvel villain. | Movies, comics and series

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