The actors of "Back to the Future" met by video call

Back to the Future, one of the most iconic movies and a great movie classic, had a special comeback. The cast met through a video call and told why there was no fourth tape.

A little while ago Josh Gad had promised a meeting of Return to the future, but nobody imagined that it would be so massive. The second episode of their ‘Reunited Apart’ quarantine program starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, Marty McFly and Doc Brown. But little by little more members of the Hill Valley family were added, such as Lea Thompson (Lorraine McFly), Elisabeth Shue (Jennifer Parker), Mary Steenburgen (Clara Clayton), director Robert Zemeckis, screenwriter Bob Gale and the composer Alan Silvestri. Even J.J. Abrams to give the fan point of view.

During the reunion, Back to the Future actors recreated some of the trilogy's most legendary scenes, with the help of Josh Gad covering Crispin Glover, who was not present because he ended up angry with the producers after the first movie. From Doc Brown's problems with everything being "strong" in the future to Marty's first encounter with his mother in 1955, they all recalled iconic moments from all three movies. Although we also miss Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) a lot.

Why wasn't there a fourth movie

Taking advantage of the meeting, Robert Zemeckis wanted to make clear why there has not been, nor probably will be, a fourth Back to the Future: "If I had had an idea that I could have presented Bob (Gale) with a straight face, we would have done it." Something that surely made Christopher Lloyd sad, who had said a while ago that he would love to make a new tape.

The meeting, which like that of The Goonies will serve to raise funds for a non-profit organization, ended with the performance of the cast of the musical Back to the Future. | Movies, comics and series