The Audition (2019), by Ina Weisse – Criticism

The audition It doesn't just break the density that all the characters carry.

Initially, Anna's (Nina Hoss) obsessions are going to lead us through that world of obsessions that music allows (maybe demands). Characters entrenched in a vision of things that mix little with the environment. Perhaps, allegedly obsessive, both by Weisse and by Daphne Charizani's own script.

The audition (Das Vorspiel), however, takes care of the scenic details, aided by the sound compasses of the "great masters" of classical music. As well as a photographic work that comes and goes through the corridors of the foreground, of the shining scheme of the Dogma of 95 and the subjective planes that, with precise precision, Judith Kaufmann contributes.

This German drama marks the
characters traced in ancient times by the Greek tragedy, with the
risks and fissures of their gods and goddesses, until they get Oedipus to put
end to the plot with envious attitude and (everything must be said) a little

Donosti's Silver Shell for Best Actress for Nina Hoss is deserved.

The result is a film that has not just broken with the density that all the characters load, providing them with a small space to develop. This causes the plot itself not to be released until the end. Then reorganize all spaces and free the viewers.

Of course, the Silver Shell of Donosti for the Best Actress for Nina Hoss (ax-aequo) is deserved, if only for the tension that prints the entire film and the look of the orchestra director who assumes, although the same It is also a little of what is left over.

The plot, finally, adds a slight social criticism that makes the family tragedy a psychological analysis with nuances of a certain European classicism as far as the cinema itself is concerned.

Synopsis Anna teaches violin at a school for young musicians in Berlin. Contrary to the criteria of his colleagues, the teacher approves the entry of Alexander, a child in which he detects a remarkable talent. He instructs him with great dedication and affection, and soon devotes more attention to his own ten-year-old son. The rivalry between both boys arises, and Anna's marriage falters.
country Germany
Direction Ina Weisse
Script Daphne Charizani
Photography Judith Kaufmann
Distribution Nina Hoss, Simon Abkarian, Jens Albinus, Sophie Rois, Thomas Thieme, Winnie Böwe, Serafin Mishiev, Ilja Monti, William Coleman, Jana Kuss, Oliver Wille, Mikayel Hakhnazaryan, Stephan Taubert
Gender Drama
Duration 99 min.
Original title Das Vorspiel
Premiere 11/15/2019

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