The Avenger who has killed the Iron Man and Wolverine family

The history of Marvel heroes is very extensive and that's why characters like Iron Man and Wolverine have tragic points in common because of an Avenger.

Before becoming an Avenger in his own right, Bucky barnes He was forced to kill many people when HYDRA brainwashed him like the Winter Soldier. Some of its most famous victims were the families of Hombre de Hierro and Wolverine.

While he's responsible for the deaths of Howard and Maria Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the comics, the Iron Man parents' car crash was due to commercial competitors clashing. However, in Wolverine (2006) From Daniel Way, Javier Saltares, Mark Texeira, JD Smith and Randy Gentile, Logan's character deals with ever-clearer previously clouded memories, including his time as an experiment for Weapon x. Bucky joins Wolverine's memories and reveals that he killed his wife and unborn child at the order of his superiors.

In a tragic moment after Wolverine failed a test of worth while in Japan, he thinks of abandoning his family until he can prove himself worthy. However, when he went to say goodbye to his wife Itsu, he smelled blood and found her murdered.

The Avenger who has killed the Iron Man and Wolverine family

Bucky reveals that he killed Itsu to force Logan to go to Madripoor.

Like Iron Man in the movie Captain America: Civil War (2016), Wolverine has to accept this death and although he holds a grudge he does not kill the Winter Soldier. Because you know how mind control can force a good person to do something bad. But, the fact that Bucky Barnes was responsible not only for the death of his wife but also for their unborn child is heartbreaking. Wolverine's happiness and inner peace were forever changed by the Winter Soldier.

Will UCM borrow this element of the story when they introduce Wolverine and the X-Men? It is unlikely. The Winter Soldier already had his redemption bow as an Avenger after it was revealed that he killed Iron Man's parents while HYDRA brainwashed him. Doing it again would be redundant. It will also have its own series in Disney + and the mutants will still take some time to have their new film version. | Movies, comics and series