The Batman: A video shows the true voice of The Riddler

The Batman is DC's most anticipated film, and we are increasingly eager to hear more about the film. Recently a video was released showing, supposedly, the true voice of The Riddler.

When Warner Bros finally released the first teaser for The Batman, during the DCFandome, we were able to really enjoy some details of what the film will have. While the song Something in the way by Nirvana was playing in the background, we were able to meet the characters of this new movie little by little. However, something that caught the attention of the trailer was the distorted voice of The Riddler, a character played by Paul Dano. This led fans to wonder what the character's voice will be like.

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A YouTube user took the time to show how the original voice of The Riddler could be heard, without the distortion we heard in the teaser. In this video posted on the platform, we can hear for 30 seconds two versions of the phrase uttered by the antagonist of The Batman: “If you are justice, please do not lie. What is the price of your blind eye? The user first shows us the phrase as it is heard in the trailer, and then a voice very similar to that of Paul Dano brings us closer.

The voice of Paul Dano

There are many expectations that fall on Paul Dano and his interpretation of The Riddler in The Batman. There is no doubt that the actor managed to achieve a successful career in Hollywood and that his talent is unmatched. On this occasion, his voice will play an important role and the video uploaded to YouTube confirms it. If so, or even if his voice looks a bit like in the edition published on the platform, the actor has all the cards in his favor.

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A few months ago, Paul Dano had praised the script for The Batman written by Matt Reeves: "I was really surprised by his script, which I think is potential and really powerful." After his arrest due to the coronavirus, the filming of the film was resumed in September (although in between he suffered the contagion of Robert Pattinson). For now, the film is still expected to hit theaters on October 1, 2021. | Cinema, comics and series

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