The Batman: amazing images of the Batmobile revealed

New photos of the Batmobile appeared online and amazed fans. The Batman advances slowly but with everything.

Waiting to see The Batman on the big screen it's still very long. But, while fans hold out until premiere day, new details have come to light. Today there is a novelty that will surely be to your liking, it is a much deeper approach to the Batmobile that the superhero will use in his next adaptation to the big screen.

Warner Bros. has said very little about what awaits us at The Batman. We have the names of the actors that will make sense of the plot but very little we know about it, only that we will meet a Wayne heir much younger than the one observed some years ago at the DCEU. In this way, Robert Pattinson faces one of the most important roles of his life and fans wonder if he will live up to the superhero. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy images of the Batmobile shared on the official website of Jeff Frost, the creator of the conceptual model.

The new Batmobile

In the photographs we can see that the Batmobile is a two-seat "muscle" type car, painted in a metallic black color. The part features extra wide tires and a ram built into the front bumper; In the rear we see that a little of the engine is exposed, and that it has a trio of round safety lights placed just below the roof and two unique rear lights. The new Batmobile of The Batman It is more brutalist in style and easily identifies with the rest. Are you satisfied with its appearance?

The Batman It has a premiere scheduled for October 1, 2021. It will be a wait of more than a year but it will surely be worth it, and apparently it will be a year where we will see two Batman. Let's remember that the Snyder Cut, the Justice League version directed by Zack Snyder, will hit HBO Max in 2021 with Ben Affleck as Batman. | Movies, comics and series

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